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Community Fall Prevention Program

Falls are the #1 reason our ambulances are dispatched in the District and 75% require a transport to the hospital.  Falls are the #1 cause of injury sending our seniors to the hospital emergency rooms in both Sonoma and Mendocino Counties.  At the national level, 1 in 3 Americans aged 65+ falls each year.  Injuries from falls impede or threaten our ability to return to an independent lifestyle.  Falls however, are NOT a part of normal aging and we CAN do something to prevent them.

Collaborating partners include CLSD, RCMS, Coast Seniors, Aging in Place Mendonoma, local area strength and balance training resources, and the Area Agency on Aging in Sonoma County covering Irish Beach to Timber Cove.  Our goal is enhancing the safe and independent qualify of life of our senior Mendonoma community by reducing falls and their related injuries and by educating seniors on the frequency and outcome of falls.

Many falls are preventable.  The following tips can help keep you safe:

  • Talk with Your Provider

Ask for a fall risk self-assessment and discuss your recent fall history with your provider.

  • Manage Your Medications

Review your medications on a regular basis with your primary care team.  Side effects may increase your risk for falling.  Take medications as prescribed.

  • Get Annual Vision & Hearing Exams

Get vision and hearing screenings annually and update your eyeglasses when needed.  Your eyes and ears help to keep you stable and on your feet.

  • Do a Home Safety Check

Keep walkways clear, check the lighting in each room of the home, putting railings on all stairs and install grab bars where they are needed.  Request a home safety check by calling Micheline at (707) 882-2137 or Heather at (707) 882-6992.

  • Enroll in the Matter of Balance Program

Matter of Balance is a program designed to reduce the incidents of falls, reduce the fear of falling and increase activity levels in adults.  Taught with certified instructors, classes provide a structured group process to address the physical, social, and cognitive factors affecting the fear of falling and to learn fall prevention strategies.  To enroll, call Micheline at (707) 882-2137 or Heather at (707) 882-6992.

  • Take Strength and Balance Exercise Classes

Build balance, strength and flexibility by finding a strength and balance program that you would enjoy and maybe encourage a friend to join you. For suggestions on local balance courses, call Denny at (707) 785-2208.

  • Talk to Friends and Family

Enlist family and friends to help keep you safe.  Falls are not just an issue for seniors.

For more information:

Coastal Seniors Micheline: (707) 882-2137
Redwood Coast Medical Services Heather: (707) 884-4625
Strength and Balance Training Denny: (707) 785-2208

Visit the following websites:

Coastal Seniors
Redwood Coast Medical Services
Aging in Place Mendonoma

See the attached links for: