Urgent Care

Urgent Care Program

Through a taxpayer-funded subsidy by CLSD, urgent care is now provided by Redwood Coast Medical Services seven days per week, 8 am to 6 pm.

Urgent Care Advice Line

There is an option for after-hours medical advice when the clinic is closed.  Redwood Coast Medical Services (RCMS) provides a free after-hours medical advice line to handle non-life-threatening emergencies. The service provides multi-lingual support and can also assist in arranging for ambulance transportation if necessary. All medical advisors are experienced registered nurses licensed in California with physician back-up, working under detailed protocols approved by the RCMS Medical Director. All calls are reviewed for follow-up care by RCMS staff.  In addition to advising callers on urgent medical care, nurse advisors can assist patients in making urgent care decisions, possibly avoiding unnecessary trips to city hospital emergency departments.

The Future

The boards of CLSD and RCMS have joined together to craft a long-range plan for improving healthcare services to our community.  Toward this end, they are developing a detailed plan for a financially sustainable community healthcare model.