Kincade Fire Update

Parts our district are without power due to a Public Safety Power Shutoff and parts are under evacuation due to the threat of the Kincade Fire and increasing winds. We are monitoring the situation closely. Our staff are ready as always to be dispatched as directed by the 911 dispatch service.

Here is an important update from one of the fire chiefs in our district regarding the Kincaid Fire

Chief Greg Warner issued the following information for our community members and visitors:

Stay calm.

Keeping rational and calm during this crisis is crucial for your own safety and the safety of others.

Stay home.

It’s important to actively monitor sites that have factual information and sites that are updating alerts and safety advisements on a regular basis. CalFire and The Press Democrat have excellent guides and maps online. Stay vigilant and informed and prepared for the possibility of evacuation.

Do NOT go to the South Coast Fire Station.

The crew at South Coast Fire cannot handle visitors or calls at this time. They are spending all of their time, resources and energy monitoring radios, maps and other

information. Please call the Mendocino County Sheriff’s office. Only use 911 in a life threatening emergency.

Conserve fuel and water.

Conservation of fuel and water is essential. Please use the resources sparingly as availability of both fuel and water could be highly limited if available at all.

Please stay safe, calm and rely on factual information only from valid news sources.”